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Visitors Form / Waiver


To be completed by student and, or parent / guardian if under age 18

This is a legally binding liability release, waiver, discharge and covenant not to sue (the "Release'') made by me, the undersigned, to Renzo Gracie RI, to the instructor of the academy and the members along with any agents, affiliates, or any connected organizations or individuals. I

fully recognize there are dangers and risks, which I may be exposed to by joining Renzo Gracie RI, or participating in Jiu-Jitsu, which a martial arts and involves strenuous physical activity and extensive physical contact with other individuals and the mat, including but not limited to joint locks, throws, chokes, strikes, ground fighting, and other similar activity.

With full understanding of the risk involved and despite this release, I am voluntary joining and/or working out at Renzo Gracie RI and I am willing to participate in Jiu-Jitsu. I therefore agree to assume and take upon myself all the risks and responsibilities in any way associated with this activity. In consideration of and in return for services, facilities, and other assistance provided by Renzo Gracie Rhode Island, its agents, the instructors and the members in this activity, I release Renzo Gracie Rhode Island, it agents, the instructors and other members from any and all liability, claims, and actions that may arise from injury or harm to me, from my death or from damage to my property in connection with this activity.

I understand that this release covers liability, claims and actions caused entirely or in part by any acts or failures to act by Renzo Gracie Rhode Island, its agents, the instructors and the members, including but not limited to negligence, mistake, or failure to supervise.
I recognize that this release means I am giving up, among other things, rights to sue Renzo Gracie Rhode Island or Marcelo Da Cruz, its agents, the instructors, and the members for injuries, damages, or losses I may incur while participating in this activity. I also understand that this release binds my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, as well as myself. I have read the entire release, I fully understand it and agree to be legelly bound by it.


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Thanks for submitting! See you on the mats.

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